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CoverPro is the most efficient way to create cover letters for job applications.We use AI to generate cover letters tailored to your resume and any job proposal on the internet.Get started now for free!

Cover Letter Generator AI Extension

About CoverPro AI

This is a Chrome browser extension that uses AI to analyze job postings and your resume, then generates a tailored, job-specific professional cover letter. It works for any job posting on the internet.

How To Use CoverPro AI

🔵 Upload your resume (only needs to be done once)🔵 Go to any job posting on the internet🔵 Click the button in the extension🔵 Get a custom cover letter that you can download as pdf or copy to clipboard🔵 Add it to your application, submit it having saved significant time, and start getting interviews!

Cover Letter Generator AI Extension

Why We Built CoverPro AI

🔵 No one enjoys writing cover letters, but a tailored cover letter gives your job application a clear advantage🔵 This might cause you to not submit cover letters, submit ones that harm your applications, or procrastinate submitting applications🔵 As a result, you miss out on interviews for jobs that could greatly improve your life

Cover Letter Generator AI Extension

Stop making your job hunt more painful than it needs to be

The job hunt is a brutal process, and time spent writing cover letters is time that could be better spent on literally any other aspect of your life.Install CoverPro now and get started for free!

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